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Leading and Best Bitcoin Wallets 2019

What is a Bitcoin Wallet? A bitcoin wallet is a way to store your digital coins. Actually it stores digital data since coins are not...
Kripto Para Sözlüğü

Cryptopedia : Most Important Cryptocurrency Terms

If you are interested and reading this article then you might be familiar with the terms Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. However in order to get...
Altcoin Nereden Alınır?

What is an Altcoin? | Everything you need to know about alternative coins…

Bitcoin is the first launched peer-to-peer digital currency in the cyrptocurrency world. Unlike traditional currencies we know of, being decentralized, fast and anonymous makes...
Bitcoin Nedir?

What is Bitcoin (BTC), How did It Start?

Bitcoin is an electronical cryptocurrency. Bitcoin introduces a platform on which you can run currency as an application on a network without any central...
Kripto para airdropu hakkındaki soru işaretleri siliniyor.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Airdrop

The Meaning of an Airdrop Has your cryptocurrency wallet ever seen a raise with free coins out of the blue? If so, that may be...

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Bitcoin Cüzdanları Hangileri?

Bitcoin Wallets for HODLERS: Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2019

Bitcoin is not a traditional currency, but a digital one. That’s why a different approach is followed when digital currencies are in question, especially...
Bitcoin ile neler satın alınabilir?

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

From the beginning to a recent past, it was thought that Bitcoin (BTC) would become a viable alternative to the centralized payment systems existing...
Bitcoin Nasıl Alınır?

How to Buy Bitcoin, Where to Buy, Which Exchanges?

How to buy Bitcoin? Before starting your adventure on buying and selling bitcoins, first you need a place to store them, not the bitcoin itself...
Smart Contracts

What Are Smart Contracts?

Used for improving and implementation of many economic exchanges, Blockchain technology has been having many applications in the world of finance. Some of these...
Bitcoin Nasıl Satılır? Bitcoin Nasıl Alınır?

How to Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Selling Your Bitcoin Selling your Bitcoins is not as easy as buying them. If you want to sell your Bitcoin online, there are three ways...